The Adventure Begins..

So.. I made it! I can officially say I live in Aschau, Germany and I registered for my residence at the Rathouse (town hall) today to prove it! The past 48 hours have been a whirlwind, but it has been wonderful so far. My family is so sweet and so great. They have 4 kids: Fabian (age 9), Annika (age 7), Niklas (age 5), and Antonia (age 3). I had a blast playing with them today and we even had a play date with another Au Pair, who sadly is leaving soon, but will hopefully be back this summer! I am also excited because I have found out, through this wonderful blogging world, that there are many other American Au Pairs in the region and we have all connected. I hope to get together with them soon! 

I am super tired and the wifi is kind of spotty tonight (it’s windy and raining outside), so instead of filling you in on every detail, I’m going to post a few pictures from my first day as an Au Pair in Aschau. 


My sweet welcome poster at the airport


A view of town from one of the bedroom windows


Antonia dancing with her playdate, Tim. So sweet!


Finn, the family tabby cat. 


Hope you all have a great weekend! Ciao!! 


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