Es Regnet.

Es Regnet = It Rains. I was prepared for snow.. lots of it. And I KNOW it is coming eventually, but my first 4 days in Aschau it has not. stopped. raining. Don’t get me wrong… lazy, cold, rainy days indoors can be perfect when you need a break from life and want to curl up and watch movies. However, I just moved to Germany and am ready to explore! But really, the weather hasn’t stopped me from having fun.

The kids go back to school from Christmas break tomorrow, so our first couple days we had quality time indoors together: lots of reading books, puzzles, playing with barbies.. all of the normal kid stuff. I also went grocery shopping with my family, got my iPhone set up so I have a local Deutsche number now, and went to the library with the kids. I decided to check out the 1st Harry Potter in German. I feel like it will be a good way to recall vocabulary words/phrases I have forgotten, and since I am so familiar with the stories, it is fairly easy for me to understand. I also saw the town of Prien, only 5k away from Aschau. Prien is the town on the beautiful lake Chiemsee. Lots of cute shops and restaurants. I look forward to seeing it on a day when the sun shines and I can actually SEE the lake!

and.. drumroll please… I have friends!!!! There is a girl in town name Michaela. She is from Romania and came here two years ago to be an Au Pair, and has stayed ever since! She is so sweet and she introduced me to Allen, an Au Pair from Spain in the next town over, who is also super nice! Between the 3 of us, we speak some combination of German/English/Spanish and understand each other, even if it takes a few tries :).

On Friday, the 3 of us went to Charly’s, a bar in Bernau (a town 5 minutes away), and met up with some of her other friends. Saturday, the same group went to Lola Bar in my town to see a band play. They were a Red Hot Chili Peppers cover band called the Green Chilis. They were awesome and we had a blast all singing along to some great songs and drinking German beer. I met many more people, too. I have been shocked to see how many young people there are in this area at just these two bars! They were both packed! I am so excited to have met some girls my age. What an answered prayer. A few photos from Saturday:

ImageAllen and I at Lola Bar

ImageMe and Michaela

ImageGerman Beer and The Green Chilis

ImageNew Friends!

The language barrier is still hard, but I can definitely see it getting easier every day. However, now the hardest part is understanding not only German, but BAYRISCH, the dialect of Bavaria. It is definitely hard to understand, but I’m sure that it will get easier with time, as well. Tomorrow will start my normal routine of working weekday afternoons when the kids return home from school. I’m looking forward to learning about their schools and activities and getting into a regular routine with them.

Now if it will only stop raining! Have a great week, everyone!


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