God is Good.

My first full week on the job went great. I saw the kindergarten Niklas and Toni attend and met their teachers. I am slowly getting the routine down of when all of the kids have their activities/who is going where. I’m also understanding everyone SO much better. I find myself having full conversations with the kids and then later realizing I had no trouble at all! Of course I’m still struggling.. especially with this dang Bayrisch accent. It is seriously like another language. By Friday night, I was so exhausted and had a headache. I realized it’s not because my job itself is so exhausting right now, but I am concentrating so hard on listening and speaking that it is taking it all out of me! I’m looking forward to this steadily becoming easier.


playing with Toni

Saturday was awesome. Michaela and Christian picked me up and we went to where Christian’s band practices/records to meet up with some other friends. I got to see their studio and watch one of the guitar players record his part. It was so cool! Then a group of 12 of us drove into Rosenheim (about a 25 minute drive) to eat dinner. We pull up, and I kid you not, the restaurant was called “Longhorn Steakhouse”! I was in Heaven. We had a big table and everyone ordered giant steaks. I was frequently asked how it compared to a Texas steak (it was good.. but of course it didn’t compare). It really was just so fun getting to know some more friends and eating some of my favorite food in the world- Steak and potatoes!

IMG_3292 IMG_3291 IMG_3289

After dinner, the whole group went to a swanky Brazilian bar, also in Rosenheim. It was fun finally getting to see the biggest city in our region (before you get to Munich). Later that night, Michaela, Allen and I went to a local bar here in Aschau called Chalet and sat at a table and had some girl time. It was fun swapping Au Pair stories and hearing about their experiences (Michaela was an Au Pair here in Aschau in 2011, and Allen has been here 3 months). I truly am so thankful to have them as friends!

One of my biggest fears in moving to Germany was that I wouldn’t be able to find a church or community I felt comfortable in. I had found a church in Rosenheim online that seemed similar to the ones I attended back in the states. On Sunday morning, I decided to try it out. My family had gone skiing that morning, so the only way to get there was by train, which unfortunately took about an hour total and got me there an hour early. I first took the train from Aschau into Prien, and then took another train from Prien to Rosenheim, then had about a 10 minute walk from the train station to the church. It was a beautiful morning though so I got a Macchiato and took a stroll through a nearby park and admired the snow. Then it was time to head to church. Upon walking in, I was greeted by many people and before the service even started, I had met several church members. The pastor is from Scotland and much of the church service, including songs and prayers, was in English. The sermon was in German, but I actually understood most of it! Afterward I was ushered to a guest table and served lunch. Everyone hung around for about an hour after the service ended. I met many young people and found out more about the church.. they even have a 20 Somethings group that meets on Tuesday evenings I may try out! I was just so encouraged by the way the Lord had provided for me something I had thought was close to impossible to find. Most of the churches here in Germany are very traditional and that is just not my style. I felt so welcomed and connected with so many people- it really was an answered prayer! God is so good.

It snowed more today- I’m still enjoying the beauty of it and the peace it brings to everything around. We will see how long that feeling lasts until I’m sick of it. I’m already dreaming of sunny weather and days spent by the lake…

The path behind my house that leads to the train station

The path behind my house that leads to the train station

What are YOU dreaming of??



4 responses to “God is Good.

  1. Wow you seem to be settling in so well, amazing! So excited for you! I am definitely coming to visit sometime, seems like a really special area! And I bet in a month you dont even realize you’re listening to German or speaking in it, so jealous of your incredible foundation coming in! AND I WANT LONGHORN STEAKHOUSE NOW! Well, when I can eat solid food again, dang wisdom teeth.

  2. I have talked about Longhorn Steakhouse for the last two weeks! I miss steak and beef so much! haha PS. SO jealous of those mountains in your back yard. We were in the mountains this weekend and it was absolutely beautiful!

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