And then life happens in between…

Between changing Au Pair families, adjusting to a new home and job, and getting to know the kids, a few exciting things have happened in my life OUTSIDE of being an Au Pair that I thought I’d share. (didn’t mean to rhyme..)

1. I spent a glorious day alone in Munich. It was the day after I finished with my old family and before I started with my new, and Biggi offered me a free ride into the city to explore while she worked. I’ve been to Munich on two other occasions before I moved to Germany, but it was my first time heading in since I’ve been a Deutscher resident. I had a glorious day doing whatever I wanted, which included: drinking Starbucks (no S*bux in the Aschau area), shopping (bought a new pair of shoes and new jacket- I have to start looking more European…), aimlessly wandering with no agenda, and most importantly, indulging in some Mexican food. Now it goes without saying it wasn’t that great.. but after 5 weeks without any trace of it, I was ready for any kind of meat wrapped in a tortilla with chips and salsa on the side. It definitely satisfied.



2. I went to my first club since I have lived here. I’ve been to all the bars in the surrounding towns, but last Saturday night, my friends and I went to Eiskeller, the disko in Aschau. I can actually walk to it from my new house. It’s apparently the “best disko between Munich and Salzburg”. I believe it. We had a great time dancing the night away. I’m not a huge clubber- I’d much rather hang out at a chill bar where I can sit at a table with my friends and actually hear them talk as we have a casual beer, BUT the occasional night of dancing is always fun.

IMG_3541 IMG_3518

3. I drink coffee now! Well- coffee drinks. I started before I moved here with easy things like Mochas, where it’s more of a hot chocolate with some coffee in it. Well, here in Germany, I have yet to find a Mocha (other than Starbucks- which like I said, is not in Aschau/Prien/Rosenheim), so when its freezing outside and I want to drink something hot I was forced to start trying other options. I now happily will drink a cappuccino, latte, macchiato.. you name it! We have a cappuccino maker at my house so I’ve been making one every day! I feel like such a grown up.


4. I finally went skiing! I’ve been dying to go. I’ve been living IN the Alps for almost 6 weeks now and still had yet to go- until Thursday. I’ve been skiing my whole life, usually once or twice a year in Colorado mostly, but in the past 2 years I haven’t been able to go- so I was stoked. Biggi and I just went up to Sachrang (15 minutes up the road) while Kaya had his ski lesson. I was able to rent boots/skis for 12euros for a couple hours. It felt great to get back out there and I can’t wait to go again soon. The season will be over in a few weeks so I have to take advantage of that!


and lastly..

5. I recorded back up vocals for my friend Christian’s band’s CD. So random, right? Michaela and I went to their studio just to watch them and hang out a bit. It was their last day of about 3 months total of recording and they were adding finishing touches to songs. They randomly asked me if I could sing because they wanted a female voice singing the chorus on a couple songs- so I gave it a shot! I didn’t know the songs at all, but they write their lyrics in English and I listened to them a few times… then just went for it. It was so much fun! It was also awesome to see how the whole recording process works; it’s so tedious having to do one instrument/vocal track at a time and getting each one perfect! Look out for Milton‘s new CD- I’ll let y’all know when it’s released!


It’s been a fun and exciting week in all aspects! And this week will not disappoint either… tomorrow morning I’m taking the train up to Hamburg and will be spending a couple of days exploring the city! Can’t wait to come back and tell y’all how it was. Be on the lookout for a Hamburg post in a few days!

and of course I just can’t get sick of my balcony view…



8 responses to “And then life happens in between…

  1. Where did you find Mex food in Munich?

    Also, your first picture in this post, I’ve been in that Base store with Hanley (Pinkparliament.) Heh. Small city.

  2. I make the best Mexican food in Munich, honest. Sausalitos is best known for its one liter (litre for any Brits) drinks. Welcome to Bavaria! An island of happiness in an otherwise frightening world!

    • I’ve heard about Sausalitos, too! I’ll have to try it out! And yes I feel you on that- I think I could definitely make better mexican food than most the places offer! Thanks for the welcome 🙂

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