Life lately

I apologize for the lack of posts lately- but frankly I haven’t really had much to write about. February is flying by, but winter is not. The cold weather and always-present snow really put a limit on activities. I’m dreaming every day of warmer weather and sunshine. I have faith that March will bring a little bit of this. However, I have managed to do a few fun things in the past couple weeks that I’ll fill you in on.

Last weekend, my friends and I did a short little hike to a frozen waterfall right outside of town. It was a last minute decision, so it was pretty funny because none of us were dressed for it and we were all wearing the wrong shoes. Hiking a little trail in the snow definitely requires the right shoes, or else you will be slipping all over the place- which we were. It provided for some good entertainment, though. The waterfall was beautiful. I’ve never seen one in the winter before. It was cool to see the water all crystalized and sparkling. The water that falls has built up a huge glacier-like iceberg underneath. It was a fun little outing.







I started a German class at the Volkhochschule (community college) in Rosenheim. It’s an intermediate level that I’m taking Thursday mornings for 3 hours. I had my first class last week and really loved it. My teacher is wonderful and I’ve already made some friends in the class. Of the 12 people, 6 of us are Au Pairs, from all over the world: Colombia, Spain, Madagascar..  it’s fun to swap stories and have friends to eat lunch with when class is over!

And of course… watching soccer has been an exciting point in my life. FC Bayern München is an amazing team. Watching their games reminds me of watching Longhorn Football games in 2009 when we went to the National Championship… they win every game and make it look so easy! But the Champion’s League games have finally started so now the games are getting harder and they have more competition. On Tuesday night, the crew all went to Lola Bar like usual to eat some schnitzel, drink some beer, and watch FC Bayern kick Arsenal’s ass, 3-1 (Sorry Duncan!). Saturday we watched a Bundesliga game (the league in Germany) versus Bremen and we won 6-1. This week we have a game vs. Dortmund that should be good. I finally caved and bought a jersey so I can look like a real fan. I apologize in advance for the selfie- I usually make fun of people for posting selfies, but in this case it was the only shot I got wearing my new jersey for the first time, so forgive me.


Lastly, Kaya is obsessed with soccer (Fussball), but is also really interested in learning about American Football. I sat down the other day and started teaching him a thing or two. It was so cute, after everything I said, he would compare it soccer and tell me how it was different or similar. Here’s a pic from American Football lesson 1. By the way, I do realize that a touchdown is actually 6 points, then you have the opportunity to earn a point after with the field goal kick, for a total of 7, but I was having difficulty explaining this in German to Kaya, so I just told him it was 7 points. We will get there when my German is a little better 🙂


And here’s a little reminder of what I look at every day off my balcony. While it’s beautiful, I am still impatiently waiting for spring. Come soon, please.. I promise I will love you forever.



8 responses to “Life lately

  1. I so feel ya on the hurry up spring. This season has been depressing, particularly with exam time at the universities, everything is just dead. Good decision on the jersey! I was so happy when I got my Germany one during the Eurocup!

    • I know! and it doesn’t help that everyone back in Texas has been bragging about how beautiful the weather has been for them this winter! We can make it through!

  2. When I read about your impromptu hike, Mt. Debacle came to mind! lol
    I look forward to seeing you again! You should consider writing a book!

  3. wasserfall!!!! I just read through a lot of your posts and it makes me miss you soo very much. I know you are having a blast and enjoying being stretched out of your comfort zone. Have a blessed day. Love you!

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