The Dinner Party

My little friend group here in Aschau consists of 3 girls (me- American, a Romanian, and a Spaniard) and 4 boys (all Bavarian-German). Because we all come from different backgrounds and can cook all kinds of different things, we have been talking for awhile about all cooking together and having a little dinner party. This past weekend, we finally made it happen.

It was Michaela’s birthday (well, actually, her birthday is February 29 so it technically didn’t exist this year) so that was an even better reason to celebrate all weekend long! We were trying to come up with what to make and had all of these ideas but nothing really went together. One of the guys, he’s an actual cook for his work, suggested we come up with a concept. So we decided on Tapas! It just so happened to ALSO be Texas Independence Day, so I figured it was a perfect reason to make some frozen margaritas.

After the girls made a trip to the grocery store, us 3 and Marco (the cook) all gathered in the kitchen and got to work. We each had our jobs, but let’s face it- Marco and Allen ended up doing almost everything. I was in charge of the guacamole and I made my brother’s delicious recipe. It was a big hit. The rest of the menu included: patatas bravas, tortilla patatas, chicken curry, aioli  and some kind of meatball thing that has a Spanish and Italian name that I forgot. Sorry y’all. I also had made chocolate chips cookies earlier in the day for Michaela, which proved to be much harder than expected. Everything has different names here and is measured in different units, not to mention the fact that they don’t sell chocolate chips so I had to bash a solid block of chocolate with a knife. They still turned out amazing and everyone loved them. Chocolate chip cookies are a rare commodity in Germany.

Everything was incredible… with the exception of one thing. The margaritas. None of the guys had EVER HAD A FROZEN MARGARITA and I was SO excited to be the one to introduce them to such a Texas gem. Not to mention it was Texas Independence Day and my best friend got engaged and maybe I was just missing home a little bit. Well, it all started wrong when they didn’t have normal triple-sec and all I could find was blue Curacao. I figured it would work fine and we could just have blue margaritas.  I’m also not used to making them without frozen limeade, so I wasn’t sure how good they would turn out. The next bad move was that they don’t sell bags of ice in the grocery stores here, and apparently not at our local gas station either. I was reassured that Michaela and Christian had ice at their apartment so I figured we’d be okay. *side note: Germans don’t ever use ice so I should have known they wouldn’t have had much*

When we got back, I checked out the ice situation and… they had one ice cube tray. Knowing this absolutely wouldn’t do, I gave up on the idea of making amazing margaritas and just wanted to see how they would turn out with 20 ice cubes, blue curacao, and no limeade. I figured it would be more of a mexican martini… chilled with ice but not exactly frozen. I chilled the glasses in the fridge and salted the rims and cut up limes and was hoping to still make the best of it. We all sat down to eat with our beautiful spread of food- made a toast to Texas’ Independence, and took a sip of our blue ‘ritas… and they were AWFUL. They somehow tasted like liquid salt- I still can’t figure out how. But it was pretty hilarious seeing everyone’s faces after the first sip trying to decide if they should politely pretend it’s good. We all joked about it and ended up downing them and moved on to some red wine, with the promise of better frozen margaritas when summer comes.

Despite the margarita disaster, we had such a fun night staying in all cooking and enjoying a meal together. I truly am thankful for this group of friends who have made Aschau feel much more like a home to me. Looking forward to the next dinner party!

making chocolate chip cookies

making chocolate chip cookies

Allen and her amazing tortilla patatas

Allen and her amazing tortilla patatas



the spread

the spread





2 responses to “The Dinner Party

  1. the guac WAS spectacular. when you can’t find it, you just gotta make it! and speaking of.. I heard about a recipe where you can make your own frozen limeade- so I may try that before my next attempt at frozen margaritas in germany!

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