Dear Sunshine

Dear Sunshine,

The past 5 days I have spent with you have been nothing short of glorious. The way you made your presence known, along with clear blue skies, and 55-62 degree weather, was just about the best gift I could have received this week. After what the Germans are saying has been the “darkest winter in 4 decades”, I began to lose sight of you- but you instilled hope in me this week.

Our day together on Kampenwand (the mountain here in Aschau), was unforgettable. After a quick gondola ride, you glorified the breathtaking views of the Alps at the top of the mountain, making my morning hike all the more enjoyable. Then- our afternoon together sitting outside on the restaurant patio and in the lounge chair with all of the other sunbathers was just icing on the cake. Timo enjoyed your presence so much he fell asleep in my lap while we were soaking up your rays.

Then add in all of the beautiful jogs I had this week and moments spent turning my face to you and closing my eyes and feeling your warmth- I have never been so thankful for your existence. You truly transformed Aschau this week- melting the snow away and bringing warmth, smiles and the promise of spring to all around.

I understand that you have chosen to take a break from us this coming week, and that we will be seeing colder temperatures and some more snow- but I beg of you… these past 5 days were my best yet in Germany and I can’t handle the thought of going so long without seeing you again. Please come back soon.

Forever yours,










3 responses to “Dear Sunshine

  1. Well said, Boo! Looks like you enjoyed the brief respite. Enjoy what you get whether it’s warm sunshine or cold snow, it all has something to offer.

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