The Visitors

Next Friday (exactly one week from tomorrow!), my mom and brother will be arriving in Munich to visit me. I can’t tell you how excited I am to see them. Over the past 6 years or so, I had been living in Austin, Texas, my dad in Richmond, Virginia, my brother in NYC, and my mom moved to San Diego, California a year ago. We all make good efforts to visit one another, and we always all end up in Dallas for Christmas and other big events. Dallas is our “home-base”. That’s where we are all born and raised, and where most the grandparents, cousins and friends are. The last time I saw my family was Christmas, a week before I moved to Germany. Even though it’s only been 3 months, and I’ve certainly gone that long before, it somehow feels longer when you are 6,000 miles away with the Atlantic Ocean between you.


a weekend in LA- me, brother, mom, 2012

They will arrive in Munich on Friday and we will hang out for a little while, then head to my town Aschau so I can show them where I live and they can meet my Au Pair family and friends. The next morning we will get up and take a train into Italy. We decided to not spend much time in Germany because all 3 of us have already spent significant time here. We thought it would be fun to take a trip all together. We will be doing Northern Italy in a whirlwind of a week! First stop, Verona (my mom is a huge Romeo and Juliet fan- who isn’t??), followed by Monterosso, a small coastal village in the Cinque Terre region, and ending with a couple of days in Florence. We’re flying back to Munich where we will then have one more afternoon/night, before I sadly will have to say goodbye the next morning.

I know the time will surely fly by, but it will be so sweet to be reunited with them again for 8 days!


Christmas in Dallas, 2012

One trivial thing I am excited about is my mom bringing me a few things from the states: a handful of summer clothes, my Nikon 1-J1 Camera, and my hammock- the Eno. My camera should have been with me on day 1 in Germany, but due to a minor incident during my trip to New Zealand in December, it’s been being repaired for the last 3 months. Although that has been very frustrating, my iPhone has sufficed. But now I will have my precious camera back and will finally be able to take some quality shots.

My hammock- oh, my hammock. Hands down the best money I have ever spent. The Eno, as it’s called, is made of parachute material and folds up into a small, travel-size sack. It’s hung using slap straps that can be thrown around any tree, pole or post. I have literally traveled all over the States with it, slept in it overnight while camping or at the lake, and it has brought me many beautiful, relaxing hours in the sun. I am so excited to have it here in Germany and am hopeful that with the bringing of my Eno will come some warmer weather and sunny days!


a typical day in my Eno


a camping trip to Enchanted Rock, TX- no tents needed!

I’ll be posting in the coming weeks about our trip to Italy and my time with family. In the meantime, let’s start praying hard for some sunshine. I mean, really, Weather? Really? It’s the end of March. It’s time to wipe the snow away (for good), and WARM THE FREAK UP!


Hammock + Shiner Bock Texas beer + Sunshine = bliss.


5 responses to “The Visitors

  1. So excited that your family is arriving. Our famaily visits us a few times every year and each time it feels like time is flying but it’s great to see them Have fun in Italy!

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