Italy with the fam- Part II: Cinque Terre!

After our first days in Munich, Aschau and Verona (you can read about here), my mom, brother and I headed to Cinque Terre by train. Cinque Terre (literal translation is Five Lands) is a section of the Italian Riveria that is made up of 5 small villages right on the cliffs of the Mediterranean. There are hiking trails between all of the villages, one of which goes the entire way along the cliffs with breathtaking views. Unfortunately, two weeks before our arrival there was a massive rockslide that resulted in people being injured and currently this trail is closed.

We stayed in Monterosso, the furthest North of the villages. Although they are all small, Monterosso is the largest with the most options for restaurants/shopping, etc. It also has 2 beaches, whereas the other towns are literally situated on the cliffs and don’t have beaches. We stayed in the most precious apartment we rented on AirBnB. It was recently completely renovated with a modern touch and had the most beautiful view of the Mediterranean. Technically, it was located only about 200 meters from the beach, however, you first had to climb 160 steps to get up to the apartment! Luckily the hosts were wonderful and drove us to the top with our luggage and back down again when we had to leave 3 days later.

the view from our balcony

the view from our balcony

only a small part of the 160 step trek up to the apartment!

only a small part of the 160 step trek up to the apartment!

We arrived by train around 9pm, and headed out around 10pm for dinner after dropping our things. What we didn’t think about was that it was a tiny village on a Sunday night and most places were already closed or not serving dinner any more. We found the one place in all of Monterosso that was still open: an American bar. Haha the irony.

Our first full day was a bit cold and rainy, but that didn’t stop us from exploring the beautiful town of Monterosso and having a chill day going from one meal to another and drinking lots of cappuccinos to escape the rain! Even in the rain, an Italian village on the Mediterranean is gorgeous.


Our second day, we took the little local train to travel to the 2nd of the 5 towns, Vernazza. Each train stop is only 5 minutes from another so it’s very easy and cheap to travel between the towns. In the higher travel season and when the weather is nice, there is also a ferry that takes you between towns. It was rainy off and on again in Vernazza, but we still enjoyed our time exploring and, again, drinking coffee. Vernazza is much smaller than Monterosso, but the town is literally on the water, whereas the main part of Monterosso is set a little further back.


Our 3rd and final day in Cinque Terre the sun was brilliantly shining and we ate a beautiful lunch outside right on the beach, and spent the rest of the day lying in the sunshine on the beach. It wasn’t quite warm enough for swimsuit weather, but we still enjoyed the sun for our last day on the Mediterranean and even got a little sunburned to prove it! As my family always does in any location or event together, we did a little photo shoot on the rocks and on the beach.

DSC_2644 - Version 2

Our time in Cinque Terre was wonderful. Even though the weather wasn’t perfect the whole time, it was a very relaxing and gluttonous 3 days on the Mediterranean! We indulged in so much gelato, bruschetta, pasta, wine and cappuccinos, I thought I would never be able to eat again! However, I will definitely be keeping Cinque Terre on my list of places I’d like to return to. I’d love to experience it again when it’s beach weather and not during a rainy season, and also to hike the coastal trail between all 5 villages!

After our last beautiful afternoon, we headed out by train for our last leg of the trip in Italy: Florence! Part III coming soon!

Cinque Terre photo dump:














6 responses to “Italy with the fam- Part II: Cinque Terre!

  1. I love this post. You make playing on the beach so much fun 🙂 Oh and lets not talk about those sardines …. with your permission I would like to share this post with my readers. If you can leave a message on my blog or one of my social media sites that would be awesome 🙂 thank you

    • oh girl- I didn’t even touch those sardines- that was all my brother! But of course you have permission to share, I’m glad you enjoyed the post!
      Thanks for reading!

  2. WOW Hailey I had a blast reading all about this trip, it sounds like everyone had an amazing time and the photos are unreal! I’m also glad to see you’re enjoying springtime finally!!! big hug

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