Italy with the fam- Part III: Florence & Munich

For our last few days of the trip, my mom and brother’s visit ended with 2 nights in Florence and 1 night in Munich (here you can read about Part I and Part II). We took the train from Cinque Terre to Florence and arrived late in the evening. We stayed in a really cute apartment we found via AirBnB again. It was right in the city center and quickly accessible to everything we wanted to see.

After relaxing a bit in the apartment, we set out to find a late dinner and then did a little nighttime walk around the city before calling it a night. Florence should be nicknamed “The City of Statues” because there is a TON. At night they are all well lit and the streets are so wide and clean… it really is a lovely city to see by night.


We really only had one full day in Florence so we kind of crammed everything in. We saw the Duomo, which is the huge cathedral in the city center, lots of piazzas, the beautiful bridges over the river, walked what seemed like miles to eat the “best gelato in Florence” as recommended to my brother by a friend (but I really do think it was probably the best gelato in Florence), saw the Statue of David, drank more wine, ate more bruschetta, and went all out to enjoy a fabulous last dinner in Italy.


I was super impressed by the Statue of David. I was kind of expecting it to be like my Mona Lisa experience in the Louvre: hundreds of tourists pushing each other around for 20 minutes until you can get to the front, only to be disappointed in how tiny (and not pretty) she is. However, I was wrong. You stand in a line outside first and they let you in the museum in groups of 20 or so, so it’s never too crowded at once. David stands in the middle of a large room with lots of space and you can do a 360 walk around him. He is HUGE! I was blown away at how big he is in person. I also had an embarrassing “ah-ha” moment. I knew what the Statue of David looked like and everything, but I really didn’t know anything else about him. As I’m standing there reading the plaque, I realize that it’s a statue of King David from the Bible! See- you really do learn a lot when you travel!

Overall, we all really enjoyed Florence. It’s a beautiful, clean city that I would love to come back and spend more time in (I think I’ve said that about every city… haha). Sadly, the next day we got up and went straight to the Florence airport and flew back to Munich. We arrived in the afternoon and did a little shopping, beer drinking, and wurst eating, before enjoying some happy hour cocktails and then a fabulous dinner, which a couple of friends joined us for. I highly recommend eating at Glockenbach if you are ever in Munich (Müllerstraße 49)! The next morning, I said a teary goodbye to my mom and brother as they left for the airport.


Although it as a whirlwind of a trip, I had the best time having my mom and brother in town. It was so special to be able to share my new life with them and spend some quality time traveling and exploring new places together, as well. It’s such a shame that it always goes by so fast, but I’m so thankful for the time we had together!

Florence Photo Dump:









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    • right?? I said it out loud as I was reading the plaque and another tourist looked at me and started laughing. I didn’t know that was common knowledge!

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