Happy Mother’s Day!

Today is Mother’s Day in both the States and Germany. Although my mom and I have lived in different cities and states for several years now, we normally would manage to still spend Mother’s Day together. Because we are now on different continents and I can’t be with her today, I wanted to dedicated a special post to my momma on her special day!


Mom, words can’t describe how thankful I am for you. You are one of the most selfless people I know and if I ever needed anything, you would have it for me in a heartbeat. You pour out your love on Chase and I like it has no end and if there’s one thing I’ve never been surer of, it’s that you are a momma who has a fierce love for her babies.


gotta love 90s ski attire

I’m so thankful for the friendship that has grown between us as I’ve become an adult, but also that no matter how old I am, at the end of the day, your still my mom… and that’s a place no one else in this world can fill. God chose YOU to be my mother and I thank Him for that every day.


I’m thankful for the awesome things we’ve gotten to do together, like our mother-daughter road trip from Austin, Texas to San Diego, California. We stretched a trip that could’ve been done in 3 days to a whole week so we could make it an adventure (and spend more time in Vegas!). I’m thankful for the 3 months I got to spend with you and David in San Diego before I moved to Germany. Our days at the beach, or shopping, or exploring SD or doing simple things like running errands, working out or watching our favorite TV shows together were so much fun. It was such a sweet time that I will always remember.

Sailing in SD

Sailing in SD

painting in SD

painting in SD

Road trip stop in Vegas!

Road trip stop in Vegas!

Road trip stop at the Grand Canyon

Road trip stop at the Grand Canyon

I’m thankful that you and Chase were able to come visit me in Germany and for the wonderful week we spent in Italy, just a momma and her babies.

in Verona

in Verona

Mom, you’re the best. I wish I could spend today with you, but I hope you enjoy the day anyway and know that I am thinking of you. I love you so much!



A few other important women in my life who I’d like to give a Mother’s Day shout out to:

My step mom, Elisa- What a blessing you are in my life! I am so grateful for our friendship and for the way that you love and care about me. I hope your Mother’s Day is wonderful!


My grandmas: Oma, Mo and my late Grandma Bev- I’m so thankful for the mothers you are to my parents; the way y’all raised them and taught them to love. It’s with this love that they have raised me and a huge part of who I am today comes from all of you. I miss you all!

my cousin Margo, Oma and I

my cousin Margo, Oma and I

And to all the women in Austin who may not be old enough to be my mother, but who have nevertheless taken me in, invited me into your families, taught me, fed me, prayed for me and simply loved me- thank you. I hope you all know how loved you are!

Happy Mother’s Day!


4 responses to “Happy Mother’s Day!

  1. 😢😢😢💗💓💕 That’s the best Mother’s Day gift a Mom could get, the unconditional Love from her children. I couldn’t have asked for better kids and am so grateful for both of you each and every day! Thank you for the beautiful Mother’s Day tribute. I love and miss you so much! Huggs and kisses and I love you Misses! 😘

  2. This was truly an emotional post Hailey. There is nothing more rewarding for a mom than to read all these great things from their child. I also feel very honored to be recognized as a special person in your heart. You are very dear and special to me so I’m definetly a proud step mommy. Thank you for bring YOU. God bless you! ! I love you so much! xxxxoooo

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