Dénia, España

I was very fortunate to spend the last 2 weeks of May traveling around Spain. If you haven’t already read them, you can read my introduction post here, and my post about my first stop, Valencia, here.

My next stop was Dénia, a quaint beach town about an hour south of Valencia. My friend Lilian and her family, who all live in Madrid, and her boyfriend Nick, all picked me up in Valencia and we drove together to stay in an apartment they had rented on the beach in Dénia for the next few days.

Quick back-story on Lilian and I’s friendship: we met our freshman year of college at the University of Texas at San Antonio. We were both unknowingly dating the same guy at the same time and some one tipped off Lilian. She broke the news to me and we decided to meet at Red Robin to have lunch together. This two-hour lunch would be the start of a great friendship (and of course the end of both of our relationships). The next year, I transferred to UT Austin and Lilian transferred to Wisconsin. She later moved to Madrid to do her masters and is still living and working there now. We haven’t gotten to see each other much over the past several years, but needless to say, neither of us are dating that boy anymore and we are both still great friends (who hang out in Spain together), so I think it’s obvious to see who won in that situation!

A few throwback pics from when Lil and I met freshman year of college, the spring of ’07:

Lilian and I with the one who brought us together!

Lilian and I with the one who brought us together!

I was in Dénia with them for about 3 days and it was such a fun, relaxing part of the trip. Lilian and I had plenty of time to catch up as we spent the first day at a spa (the weather wasn’t great that day), and the next 2 days on the beach. We had a huge tapas lunch every day and had chill nights in playing dominoes. Dénia is a really small town but it has a cool historic city center, a little harbor with lots of sailboats and yachts, and some really great restaurants. They are actually known for their local cuisine, so we definitely indulged in that! Dénia is a great beach getaway that isn’t very touristy. You definitely get the local Spanish feel there.

The day we left was, of course, beautiful, so we spent the first few hours on the beach and then piled in the car to make the 4-hour drive to Madrid. It was such a nice break to stay in an apartment and have a bed in a room by myself for a few nights. I love staying in hostels; they are cheap, have so many activities to offer and are a great way to meet other travelers, but I think everyone can agree that it’s nice to take a break from that for a while and relax with friends! I had a great time catching up with Lilian and am so thankful for our reunion and the opportunity to see Dénia!

Dénia Photo Dump:



just couldn't get enough of this sunset from our balcony!

just couldn’t get enough of this sunset from our balcony!







5 responses to “Dénia, España

  1. This is all sooo cool ! From the pics it looks like the weather was great which im sure you truly enjoyed 🙂 Espana is definetly in my “bucket list”, the place looks amazing ! Keep on filling us in on all the fun ! Love you !!!!

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