Dear Air Conditioning, I miss you.

As the longest day of the year approaches, the long-lasting sun has brought with it some long-lasting heat here in Bavaria. If you read any of my posts from my first 4 months in Germany, you would think that this is definitely a godsend. Don’t get me wrong- in most ways it is.

We transitioned very slowly from freezing cold, snow everyday, to cool and rainy but not quite warm, then we made a big jump into holy-crap-did-I-just-apparate-to-Texas-in-August… because that’s how hot it is. Okay so maybe it hasn’t reached the 100s yet, but it’s definitely been in the 90s for the past 10 days with like 85% humidity.

I know what you’re thinking… this born and raised Texas girl should be able to handle her heat. And I thought that I could, too. All that my friends heard me talk about during our 4-month winter was the Texas heat. What I wasn’t prepared for, however, was no air conditioning.

That’s right- no AC anywhere to be found and no ceiling fans. I know we have some extreme heat back in the Lonestar State, but over the past week I realized we only have to deal with it as much as we want to. We go from our freezing-cold-AC blasted-homes to our freezing-cold-AC-blasted cars to our freezing-cold-AC-blasted-___________ (fill in the blank- school, work, church, movies, restaurant, friends house, etc) but no matter where we go, it will 100% have AC. Heading to a location with outdoor seating? Whether it be a restaurant or your friends backyard, you better believe there will be overhead fans blowing full blast along side misters lightly spritzing you to keep you cool. And if you are planning on doing something outdoors, 99.9% of the time it will be at a pool, lake, river, ocean, or yard complete with sprinklers and a slip-n-slide.

Well, here in Aschau the heat has come alongside his best friend humidity and we are seriously lacking in the AC department. Because this heat wave is extremely rare here, places/homes just aren’t equipped for this kind of weather. Kaya, the 7 year old boy I Au Pair for, had no homework this week. When I asked why, they said it’s because they aren’t used to this heat and don’t want the kids to have to do more work in it. I thought this was hilarious at first but then again, they would probably laugh pretty hard at us when we close down an entire city for half a centimeter of snow.

Now, I don’t want to complain because I basically prayed everyday for 4 months during the harshest winter of my life to be able to feel the heat of the sun on my skin again, but when you have had AC your entire life this is pretty hard to get used to. I had the most miserable bus ride of my life the other day. It was about 90 degrees outside, no clouds. I was on the bus for 40 minutes, without AC and the WINDOWS DIDN’T OPEN. I was sweating so much I thought I would melt away. And let’s not forget that my bedroom is the 3rd story of our house and I’m pretty sure we all learned in 7th grade Science that heat rises, so you can see my problem there. I’m about to purchase a standing fan on amazon because when I try to sleep at night, I feel like I’m camping in Texas in late July. (If you’re not from Texas- this is something you don’t do).

Anyway, enough of the complaining… Let’s talk about how I’ve been handling these conditions. First of all, my Au Pair family bought a family season card to the natural spring in Aschau. It’s basically like Barton Springs in Austin, or Burgers Lake in Fort Worth. Cool, crisp natural spring fed water, with slides and trampolines for kids, playground, sand volleyball court and of course ice cream/snack kiosk. We have LIVED there this week. It’s a short bike ride away so it’s easy to head there with the boys when they get out of school.

The Aschau Freibad.. where you will find me all summer with the boys

The Aschau Freibad.. where you will find me all summer with the boys

Last weekend, I spent all day Saturday and Sunday by the lake with friends. The lake is a little bit of a further bike ride, but it’s totally worth it to have the picturesque backdrop of the mountains behind the lake. Yesterday when we didn’t have time to head to the spring, I made water balloons with the boys and we played in the yard soaking one another. We’ve also been eating lots and lots (and lots) of ice cream and wearing very little clothing (not in a slutty way, of course). Another positive- I’m already super tan. After 2 weeks in Spain and then the last 6 days straight in the hot sun by the lake or springs, I’m totally good to go for summer. If you know me, you know this is something that is egotistically important to me.


As I’m sitting here sweating while I’m typing this in my room, I realize that a storm is coming in tonight and with it, a cold front that is supposed to last the next week and bring more rain. While right now I will welcome a cool front with open arms, I know I’ll be missing the sun and heat again in 2 days.

Germany, I love that you have proven me wrong by showing me you really can provide a beautiful summer, but really… let’s get you some AC and we will all be much happier.

hanging with friends by the lake

hanging with friends by the lake

my friend Verena and I by the lake

my friend Verena and I by the lake

Micha and I after our bike ride to the Chiemsee

Micha and I after our bike ride to the Chiemsee

Felden- where we hang out on Chiemsee

Felden- where we hang out on Chiemsee

Summer days end with wonderful summer nights like this

Summer days end with wonderful summer nights like this

...and sunsets like this from my balcony.

…and sunsets like this from my balcony.


3 responses to “Dear Air Conditioning, I miss you.

  1. Oh , what wonderful summer fun , don’t even mention the miserable A/C in your surroundings . I’d
    take it any time (for a while) no A/C here when we got to sunny Texas . Love the spirit of your perception on everything .

  2. I make comparisons all the time between the weather here and the weather in Florida… in FL, I would keep a hoodie, fingerless gloves, and ear-muffs in my desk… and then walk outside into the 90 degree heat.

    Here, it’s at least more uniform. 🙂

    By the way, having a stretch of days over 90F here is *rare.* Normally you get a few hot days each year, but most of the time the temperature won’t hop above 25-28C. I find this to be much more temperate than the Florida heat, and I think it’s much nicer.

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