Wednesday evening on the Alm

Alm: a Bavarian restaurant located somewhere on a mountain, often times only accessible by foot or bike, sometimes with rooms available too, as a “gasthaus” or guesthouse, if you want to stay overnight. 

Mais alm

Mais alm

There are a ton of Alms in our little corner of the Bavarian Alps in Aschau. I’ve now been to 3 of them: Käseralm (cheese Alm), Maisalm (corn Alm) and the Frasdorfer Hütte. Every Wednesday evening in summer the Alms have grill nights where they grill maybe 3 or 4 different types of meats and you can come enjoy some live Bayrisch music while soaking in the beautiful summer evening weather and eating delicious Bavarian grilled meats, alongside homemade potato salads or grilled potatoes.

Last night, I went for my first time to a grill night with some friends. I was prepared for an intense hike, with my hiking boots and backpack strapped on, then come to find out it was just a quick little 20 minute up-hill walk before we arrived on the Alm. A few friends rode their bikes up and we all met at the top for dinner. We had a great picnic table outside, the weather was perfect and we enjoyed some beers and Bavarian food together. The waiters, waitresses and the Bavarian band all wear the traditional Tracht (Lederhosen for boys and Dirndl for girls), and the band is complete with accordions and tubas, just as you would predict! On the side of the mountain there are cows grazing and you can hear them by their cowbells around their necks. An evening like this literally couldn’t get MORE Bayrisch… it was perfect!

We all enjoyed some beers and dinner together and sat talking until the sun was almost down before heading back. The downhill trek back only took about 10 minutes and I definitely felt silly for looking all hardcore in my hiking gear…oh well!

I loved my first grill night on the Alm. Bavarian traditions really are wonderful and evenings like last night make me so thankful to be living in this beautiful place! Hopefully we’ll be going back for more!










this guy caught me taking so many films/pictures, he eventually came up, handed me his iPhone and asked me to take some with his, too!

this guy caught me taking so many films/pictures, he eventually came up, handed me his iPhone and asked me to take some with his, too!


7 responses to “Wednesday evening on the Alm

  1. Oh wow, sounds like such a perfect summer evening! Earlier this year, my husband applied for a job in Garmisch and we were so excited about the possibility of moving there, but he ended up getting something in Stuttgart, so we will be staying here instead :/ I absolutely LOVE Garmisch {one of my favorite places to visit in all of Europe}, and I’m so jealous that you are actually living there!

    Thanks for sharing your off-the-beaten-path experiences, and hopefully we’ll make a trip down there sometime during the week so that we too can spend an evening on the Alm! 🙂

    Ashley xoxox

    • I’m actually about an hour and a half east of Garmisch, closer to Salzburg and I haven’t made it there yet, but it’s definitely on my list! I’ve heard great things! Hope y’all get a chance to come down in summer!

      • Ahh, I see! Well, all of your pictures are so gorgeous I just assumed that you were in Garmisch {which I’m sure you will love by the way!} Thanks again for sharing things to do in your neck of the woods… we have so much still to discover!!

  2. Cool. Just like Hill’s Cafe on KVET night, but Bavarian style. If I make it there on a Wednesday, got to do it!

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