FC Bayern: Stern des Südens

Sorry I’m not sorry for my lack of posts in the past 2 weeks, but I’ve been too busy enjoying summer in Germany- which is magnificent, by the way. It’s been in the upper 80s to mid 90s and sunny every day. My afternoons are spent with my Au Pair boys at the swimming hole or playing in the Prien river, and my weekends are spent at the lake or pool with friends. I am tan and happy!

This week was extra special. After a short break, soccer season is starting up again and I got the chance for my first time ever to go to Allianz Arena, the home of FC Bayern München, TWICE this week! This past season, Munich’s professional soccer team, known in their theme song as Stern des Südens (or star of the south), won 3 titles: Champions League, Bundesliga and Pokale, making them the best team in Europe. It was so fun watching them dominate every game with my friends at our favorite local bar, but we never made it to the stadium.


On Tuesday, my Au Pair family got tickets to the team presentation and open training. They made it into a family event with a music performance and special announcement for each player on the team. We had first row tickets, which made my first experience in the arena pretty cool. It was neat seeing the players I’ve only seen on TV train up close and play against one another. And we got a free t-shirt, so that’s always cool, too!






Pep, the new trainer, in white

Pep, the new trainer, in white


Wednesday night, Bayern played Barcelona for a friendly match. Although the game doesn’t really mean anything, they are 2 of the best soccer teams in the world so it was a pretty cool opportunity to watch them play, especially since our new trainer, Pep Guardiola is the former Barcelona trainer, and we recently acquired one of Barca’s players, Thiago Alcantara… so that made things interesting!

My friends and I took the “Fan Bus” that left from our local bar in Aschau to Munich on Wednesday afternoon for the game. Basically we paid 27 Euros to ride a charter bus (with AC!) to the stadium and back, and got “standing room only” tickets to the game, and only had to pay 1.50 for each ½ liter beer we drank on the bus. Pretty good deal. It reminded me of an adult Texas- OU weekend, but instead of drinking Coors Light on the bus with a bunch of wasted college students, we were drinking really good German beer and having a great time.


definitely better beer than TX-OU weekend...

definitely better beer than TX-OU weekend…



Once we got into the stadium, we found our section, right behind the goal, and lucked out by finding room in the 4th row that even had some seats available. Bayern won the game 2:0 and we celebrated the entire way home.






As good as Bayern was last season, they’re looking even better so far this year. Can’t wait to see how the season turns out. My friends and I will hopefully getting tickets to the Bundesliga season opener (the German league) in a couple of weeks!


Super Bayern! Super Bayern! Hey! Hey!


10 responses to “FC Bayern: Stern des Südens

  1. I’ve only been to school Fussball , how exciting to see the best team in a real Stadion , schiessen more than one Tor . Happy you’re a fan too and I want that bier !!

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