Split, Croatia

I really had no idea what to expect from Split. I hadn’t heard a ton about it, good or bad, but knew it was the best location to get to any of the Dalmatian Islands, which I definitely wanted to check out, so I figured it would be a good base.

If you read my last post, you know I stayed in a beautifully located hostel right on the Adriatic Sea and that made my experience in the Split area pretty wonderful. While a lot of my time was simply spent on the sea soaking in the sun, I did manage to do a few cool things while in Split.

1. Exploring the old palace, promenade and town of Split itself.

Split is a fairly small city, so I spent one afternoon walking around and exploring and that about sufficed. There is so much history and with the civil war in the 90s in the recent past, you can see how much of a toll it took on these cities. But the old buildings and narrow streets were still beautiful to walk around. The promenade, called the Riva, sits right on the harbor and is lined with park benches and restaurants with outdoor seating, perfect for sipping a cocktail and watching the sunset. Or, as I did with a couple buddies from my hostel, buying a couple local Croatian beers in the market and sitting on the edge of the harbor drinking them, still watching the sunset, but much cheaper.










2. A day trip to Brac Island

Brac Island is the closest of the 1000s of Dalmatian Islands to Split, so it was the easiest/cheapest day trip. I took the ferry with 2 of my hostel buddies for 66 Kuna (~8 Euros) and we arrived in Supetar, the port town on Brac, about 45 minutes later.  The island itself is actually pretty huge, but we really only had a few hours before our return ferry so after walking around the cute town, we walked up the island about 10 minutes and found a nice spot on the beach to hang out at for awhile. It was neat seeing the Croatian coastline from the island, which is fairly mountainous. We had a fun day on the island, but I would love to check out more of the islands like Hvar next time I make it down to Croatia.

our ferry in the background

our ferry in the background




nice view of the Croatian coastline

nice view of the Croatian coastline


coming back into Split

coming back into Split



3. Night life in Split

My first night in Split, we got a huge group together from our hostel, about 20 of us, which was almost everyone staying there, and all went out to experience Split’s nightlife. I was surprised to find that it was pretty decent. They have lots of neat bars and clubs right on the water with no entrance fees. The drinks are pretty normally priced, and the city is pretty easy to get around and figure out. I only made it out once, though. The other nights were enjoyably spent on the beach near the hostel drinking wine and watching the full moon’s reflection on the sea. Not bad.

just some Roman legions roaming the Riva at night..

just some Roman legions roaming the Riva at night..





I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Split, especially staying at Hostel Adria, which I recommend to everyone who is heading down that way to check out. A lot of times, your hostel experience can totally depend on the group of people staying there. I really lucked out and met some really awesome people with some pretty amazing travel stories. They definitely topped off my time in Split.


Up next: Dubrovnik!


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