Life update: I’m staying!

As my one-year anniversary of my arrival in Germany approaches in just 2 weeks, I thought it would be appropriate to finally announce my plans for next year on this little blog of mine.

 I’m staying in Germany! After a month-long process of job applications, interviews, 2nd interviews and trial days… I have officially accepted a teaching position at a brand new bilingual (English-German) Elementary school in Munich. I quickly fell in love with this school during my first interview and saw myself working there, so you can only imagine how thrilled I was when they offered me the position after my trial day.

Unfortunately, the teaching position doesn’t start until next fall, as the school is currently at capacity, but they will be adding new classes for the next school year. However, upon finding out my Au Pair position ended in February and I wouldn’t have anything to do for 6 months, the head of the school additionally offered me a part-time teaching-assistant position to start in February until the full time position begins. Whoo hoo!

The decision to stay in Germany started long before I even moved here. Around this time last year, I told my cousin and a few friends that I had a strange feeling I would be in Germany longer than a year. When I moved here and as the year progressed, this feeling never faded, but actually grew stronger. When I would think about moving back to the States, it never felt right. Although I love the US of A and it will always be my home… I felt like God was calling me to spend more time in Germany. This feeling became clear in June and just for fun, I started researching international and bilingual schools and saw that one had a position open to start in August. I quickly got my application materials together and sent everything in. When I heard the position had been filled, I was SO disappointed. It was this disappointment that made me realize I really wanted to go for this and keep trying. When I came back from my trip to the States in October, I started the tedious task of job searching and now here I am, with a job, and after so much uncertainty, I finally have a plan for next year! And it feels good.

Although it will be bittersweet to leave this sweet town of Aschau that I’ve called home for the past year, I am so excited to move into Munich, get back to teaching and start this next chapter of my life.

Next Step: Find a place to live in Munich, and potentially some additional part-time work between February and September. If you have ANY ideas for either, feel free to send them my way!



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