A Hallelujah Christmas

I already posted this video last year, but lately it’s been popping up frequently on my “Christmas Music” playlist and I felt the need for a repost.

In this video, the lyrics to the song Hallelujah, originally by Leonard Cohen, were rewritten and performed by Cloverton to tell the Christmas story… the birth of Jesus. I think the original version of Hallelujah is beautiful in itself, then with these incredibly moving lyrics, this song just stirs something inside me.

With Christmas being just a couple days away and in the hustle and bustle of getting last minute gifts, wrapping presents, cooking and traveling, I pray we can all take a moment to really remember the reason for Christmas: the celebration that Jesus was born. Nothing says it better like my favorite part of the song:

I know you came to rescue me
This baby boy would grow to be
a man who’d one day die for me and you
My sins would drive the nails in you
That rugged cross.. was my cross, too.

*A Hallelujah Christmas by Cloverton can be bought on iTunes


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