The Northern Germany Tour: Part II

Part II: Lübeck & The Baltic Sea

The week following New Years, David and I did a mini-tour of Northern Germany. If you missed Part I: Bremen, Bremerhaven & the North Sea Coast, you can read about it here.

After driving a ways up the North Sea coast and taking the ferry over the Elbe River, we arrived in the city of Lübeck by dinnertime. We walked around the city until we found somewhere nice to eat dinner, ending up at a cute little steakhouse. The two of us enjoyed a great dinner, finishing with coffee and Apfelstrudel for dessert!

IMG_8070^ coffe and apfelstrudel. yum

IMG_8071^ excited for dessert

The next morning, we set out to explore Lübeck. The city itself is actually on an island, surrounded completely by a river that comes in from the Baltic Sea. We checked out the sights in the city, like the town hall and a few churches, and then walked a good ways along the water. I would describe Lübeck as a cute city: small, quaint and easy to get around. It has a medieval feel to it, with some architecture still present from the Middle Ages.

IMG_8078^ lots of cute alleyways in Lübeck

IMG_1804^ the devil and I

IMG_8095^the Marzipan store.. it comes from Lübeck!

IMG_8089^ walking along the water

IMG_1845^ the Medieval entry gate to Lübeck

David and I were pretty much done with Lübeck by lunchtime, so we then drove up about 30 minutes to a ritzy beach town called Timmendorfer Strand, located directly on the Baltic Sea. We walked up and down the promenade admiring the beach houses and of course had to walk down the beach to touch the Baltic Sea. It was a pretty cold, windy day, so we didn’t spend too much time there.

IMG_1861^ excited to be at the beach!

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset^ Timmendorfer Strand

IMG_1874^ touching the Baltic Sea

Just a short drive down from the beach is a National park called Brodten, famous for their cliffs along the Baltic Coast. We walked along the cliffs for a while before getting back in the car and driving our last stretch of the trip back to David’s apartment in Braunschweig.

IMG_8113^Brodten Coast cliffs

I fortunately had 2 more days in Braunschweig following the trip just to chill before taking the train back to Bavaria. It was a fun little trip and I’m happy to say I have now seen both the North and Baltic Seas, as well as traveled the furthest North in the world that I’ve ever been, Timmendorfer Strand (just barely breaking my previous record of Hamburg)!



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