My Last Week in Aschau

It is hard to believe that my year, or actually 13 months, as an Au Pair is coming to an end this Friday. The time has flown by. It hasn’t stopped snowing over the past 2 days and I’m reminded of how I felt when I arrived last January, wondering if this Texas girl could survive a winter in the Bavarian Alps. But I did survive and this year I know what to expect, which makes it much more manageable, although I still long for those warm, sunny days at the lake.

This past weekend was great. Friday night I watched FC Bayern defeat Gladbach on TV with Kaya. Saturday morning I played in the snow with the boys. Timo and I built a snowman, and as I was trying to shove rocks in the face to make a mouth, Timo declared that I do not make very great snowmen. He’s right.



My host mom and I spontaneously decided to go skiing that afternoon, no kids, just us! We drove to Hochkössen, a mountain in Austria, just over the border and had a fun (but very cold and snowy) afternoon on the slopes.



Processed with VSCOcam with m3 presetSaturday night my friends and I all went to Charly’s, the “American” bar in the next town over (I’m still not sure why they call it an American bar) and had a fun night reminiscing on this past year. Sunday I went to church like usual and said bye to everyone there, although I will still be back often to visit, and then came home and my host dad made his famous pizza that we all love. Once the boys were asleep, I watched Tatort with my host parents, the popular crime-scene investigation show here in Germany that everyone watches on Sunday nights.



This week is filled with the normal Au Pair duties: taking Timo to Kindergarten (he has a ski course every morning this week), a little cleaning, picking the boys up from school and spending the afternoons/evenings with them. In between I’ll be going through all my stuff and packing up my room. Friday will be my last day here and then I’ll officially head into Munich. David will be in town, too, so I’ll get to see him this weekend!

Leaving Aschau is bittersweet. It’s been a really wonderful year and such a fun experience living the small town life in the mountains (although also sometimes frustrating). My Au Pair family has been wonderful to me and I will certainly miss those crazy little boys who I have spent every day of this past year with, as well as all of the friends I have made, of course. But I am also SO excited to live in Munich. I can’t wait to be in a city again, live in an apartment and have a roommate, take public transportation, make new friends and start my job. I am really excited about my job. It’s also nice because I know that Aschau will just be a train ride away and that I can come back and visit anytime I want, so it just doesn’t feel that sad.

In the meantime I am still waiting on approval for my working visa, which means that I technically won’t be able to start my job next week if it doesn’t come through yet, so I would appreciate prayers that this would be a speedy and painless process!

Aschau, you’ve been good to me… thanks for the memories. 




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