Girls Trip to Nürnberg

A couple of weekends ago, my girlfriends and I had a Saturday wide open and decided we needed to get out of the city for the day. There is this amazing thing called the BayernTicket, which is a train ticket that can be purchased for up to 5 people, is valid all day and you can go anywhere in the state of Bavaria. This makes group travel on day trips extremely affordable! Nürnberg was voted as our destination for the day, so we all met at Hauptbahnhof Saturday morning, grabbed coffee and set out. What we didn’t expect was how crowded the train would be. As a group of 6 girls, we expected we might not be able to sit together, however after boarding the train, we discovered we wouldn’t even be able to sit! All the seats were taken and we were stuck sitting in the middle of the aisle for an hour and a half. This could have been miserable, but when you’re with a group of fun girls everything is an adventure and we still made it enjoyable.

IMG_8511^ a crowded train like this is ONLY enjoyable with good company 🙂

I visited Nürnberg for the first time back in December to attend the city’s famous Christmas market and loved it, but didn’t see much of the city since the Christmas market was the main event. So I was excited to get to explore it with my friends, especially since we had our friend Jemine with us, who is from Nürnberg and served as our tour guide for the day! We started by walking around the city and seeing the main sights of the “old town”, the churches, etc. We walked up the huge hill where the fort sits and enjoyed the views looking down into the city.


IMG_8504^ haha Rebecca and Erin were clearly not ready

IMG_8507^ Anna and I

We then went to the Nazi Rally Museum, which sits on the location where the Nazi Rallies took place and learned about the Nürnberg trials. I unfortunately don’t have any pictures from that, but it was interesting being in the spot where all of it took place.  We finished the day by having dinner at Hans im Glück, a delicious burger place and then took the train back to Munich that night (fortunately we had seats on the way back). It was fun getting to see more of Nürnberg and experiencing it with my wonderful friends!



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