The greatest day ever

A couple weeks back, my girlfriends and I found out that Eric Church was coming to Munich to play a show for one night. For those of you who don’t know him, Eric Church is a pretty fantastic country singer from the States. And it just so happens, that our amazing little group of friends is mostly from the South and we are ALL country fans. Isn’t God just so cool like that?

Eric was playing on a Saturday night and the weather was supposed to be beautiful that day so we decided we needed to take advantage and spend the day outside. We headed to my favorite beer garden that afternoon in the English Garden and lucked out with a table right on the lake. We had lots of laughs, soaked up the sunshine (and a maß [1 liter] of beer each) before heading out to the concert.

10001435_10201315958886598_801729930_n^ Kelsi, me, Jenny, Rebecca

IMG_8604^ Kelsi and I in the Biergarten

1957985_10201315961006651_816132825_n^ Being silly in the subway station on our way to the concert. The stranger taking this pic was pretty entertained

It was general admission, at a venue that holds about 1,000 people. I’m not sure why, but we were thinking we would be the only ones there (what Germans even know who Eric Church is?). So we show up an hour before show time, when the doors were opening, expecting to get right up against the stage and become besties with Eric… but we found ourselves at the very END of the line… surrounded completely by Americans! Americans from all over Germany came in to Munich for this concert… about 50% of them being US Military. Let’s just say that we made a LOT of friends throughout the night… and we didn’t pay for one single beer 😉

1966948_10201321691189902_255640452_n^ These girls… no words.

We still managed to weasel our way to the front right by the stage and we all SWEAR that Eric kept looking at us. There were so many cowboy hats and boots, college gear, camo hats… I felt like I was right back at Billy Bobs in Fort Worth, Texas! There were American flags being waved in the air and “USA..USA..” chants going off after almost every song. The 6 of us girls all felt like we were back in our college towns for the night… it was great to have a little bit of “home” in Munich! Eric put on SUCH an amazing show. You could tell he wasn’t used to playing such an intimate crowd; he was so fired up and played a lot of his older stuff… it was awesome. We were all losing our voices by the end of the night!

1549517_10201321694709990_460835324_n^ Eric… you’re killing us.

IMG_8626^ Such a great show

That concert was almost 2 weeks ago and we still can’t stop talking about how that was our favorite day ever. I know a lot of Germans (or any other nation for that matter) give Americans a hard time for exaggerating a lot (e.g. that was the BEST day EVER!) and maybe none of us got married or engaged to the loves of our lives or gave birth to a child or won the lottery that Saturday…. But it will still go down in our books as a pretty darn amazing day. And I’m so thankful I have these girls to share it with!



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