Life in Munich Lately

Hey y’all. Man I’ve been slacking on the blog lately, haven’t I? My dear cousin Margo never fails to send me sweet “UPDATE YOUR BLOG” reminders and I’m finally getting around to it. To be honest, I haven’t felt like blogging lately and I decided it’s not something I’m going to force. When I feel like writing, I will, and when I don’t… I won’t. Simple as that. But lucky for y’all, this evening I felt like it.

So what have I been up to lately? Here’s a recap of the past month: 

-Being a tourist in my own city of Munich with my amazing friends. and hanging out with these friends, a lot. Like seriously, could the Lord have provided me with better community here? No. He did awesome.


^running into a British bachelor party in Marienplatz, Munich’s city center. And naturally taking a picture with them, after sadly declining to join them on their beer tour (At noon on a Thursday..) Isn’t Kelsi’s face priceless?? (far right)


^exploring MILKA World.. it’s amazing. and we bought lots of chocolate..


^still watching all the FC Bayern games, of course!


 ^an evening at the Hofbrauhaus because, why not?

-Enjoying the amazing SPRING weather that God has blessed us with in Germany! Whether it’s river side at the Isar, in a park or beer garden, we are not taking this sunshine for granted! Keep it up!


^y’all.. this is 2 BLOCKS from my apartment. COME HANG OUT WITH ME. or COME VISIT ME.


^sunny afternoons on the Isar


^one of my fav areas, Gärtnerplatz


^everything is green! it makes me so happy!

-Attended a US Military Ball with my friend Karl who is stationed in the army here. and explored his cute town of Amberg.


^looking fancy!


^amberg town center


^so cute, right?

-Brunching every Thursday morning with my friends. because we all randomly have Thursday mornings free.. how awesome is that? These mornings with these girls are the highlight of my week and I am so thankful for them.


^and sometimes Brunch turns into drinking a beer before noon.. 😉


^freshly squeezed lemonade. and SHORT SLEEVE WEATHER. yum.


^some of our “brunches” look more like grabbing Starbucks and finding a place to LAY IN THE SUN! because, duh.. sunshine.

-Volunteering on the Welcome Team at my Church, ICF. y’all I’m in love with my church. it’s incredible and I’m so excited to continue to serve there.


^welcome team after breaking down the last church service of the evening.

-Volunteering with Young Life Munich, on the University team. So thankful for both the international and German teams that I get to serve alongside in this amazing city.

-and oh yeah, I guess I’m working, too. Haha jk. I am teaching and loving the school and my co-workers. Teaching mostly German kids at a bilingual school where some kids are fluent in English but most are only just learning it is challenging but I’m learning more each week and continuing to grow as a teacher.

So yeah, I guess that’s a wrap for now. I’ll try to keep y’all posted again, soon, but then again who knows, because let’s be honest, sunshine always wins over computer. as it should.


2 responses to “Life in Munich Lately

  1. Who would have guessed that a Texan can love Sunshine so much !!
    that’s what makes the four seasons so special , so happy you can enjoy them in your life . Hugs , envioys oma .

  2. Aw great post Hailey! Made me miss our beautiful trip to Berlin. Guess I need to come to Munich now! Glad to see you’re so happy.

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