Day Trip to Regensburg

As much as I absolutely LOVE Munich, anytime I’ve been in the city too long without leaving I get super antsy. When you live in the center of Europe and have wanderlust, you just have to get out as often as you can. Since my part-time salary budget is pretty tight right now, this usually translates into taking day-trips, which are super affordable with a group of people. You can travel on something called a Bayern Ticket, which allows you to travel by regional train anywhere in Bavaria for the full day (until 3am the next day actually) and includes all public transportation within the cities, too. The more people you have, the cheaper it is. So for a group of 4 of us, it ended up being just under 9 Euros per person for the entire day, whereas a regularly priced roundtrip ticket Munich-Regensburg would have been more like 50 Euro.

So one Saturday my friends and I decided to check out a town none of us had visited yet, Regensburg. Regensburg is a medieval town founded in 1245, but with the first settlements dating back to the Stone Age. One interesting thing about the city is that it was one of the least destroyed cities in Germany during WWII, meaning that most of the buildings are original and the historic town center was untouched, making it now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


A site we were all excited to see was the Stone Bridge, built across the Danube River between 1135-1146. It was the first crossing over the Danube at that time, opening up major international trade routes. Unfortunately, as soon as we approached it, we saw part of it is under construction right now and covered by scaffolding. We could still walk across it though, and see the colorful views of the city, and I managed to get a couple shots sans scaffolding.


With no agenda and beautiful weather, the 4 of us spent the day strolling the cute streets of Regensburg, stopping for coffee, cake, gelato, etc along the way and checking out the sites as we passed by them. We had lunch at the Wurstküche, Europe’s oldest “hot dog” stand. Sitting right on the Danube, this sausage house is over 900 years old and is famous for serving bratwursts to the construction workers of the Stone Bridge. They still have an ancient grill and serve bratwursts in a bread roll with sauerkraut and mustard daily. It was delicious and worth the long wait in line!


We all LOVED Regensburg. It has so much charm and character with it’s history, and is still large enough to be a very livable city. Regensburg, I’ll definitely be back!



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